don’t drink and spell

I noticed this when I was visiting a very ethnic part of NJ. It was on Bergenline Ave in West New York, NJ.   Did they party too hard and misspell the word night?

The owner or sign maker should have proofread the sign before sticking this up.

To be or not to be?

To be or not to be?  That was William Shakespeare’s question, but a follower of the Elegant Editor was on a plane flight and contemplated a similar question.

Check out her boarding pass from AirTran Airways:

no vs not later thanBoarding pass MUST be presented at the Gate not later than 10 minutes before departure.

It doesn’t appear to be proper English usage.   Is it supposed to be “Boarding pass must be presented at the gate NO later than 10 minutes before departure”?

I’ll leave this up to my readers to contemplate for now, and I will comment on this later.

When to use an apostrophe

I found this error at the Mid-Manhattan Library in New York City!   Can you believe that?

DVD's vs DVDs big error.

The sign should read:  DVDs.   DVD’s would mean that a DVD owns 600-999.  Signs like these are found all over the Mid-Manhattan Library 5th floor DVD collection.