Editing – $10 per page

I will edit your work multiple times after you’ve reviewed my editing and annotations for FREE.  

What does this mean? It means that once I’ve edited your work and you’ve made any corrections or changes, I’ll edit it again for you for no charge.

Editing and Proofreading Services · Online · Freelance

Why you should have a professional proofread your work:

You’re short on time.  E-mail me at info@eleganteditor.com to get started today!

Lack of time is the chief reason your document needs a proofreader.  In your day to day operations,  you may miss details.  By having a dedicated editor, you can focus on the content and leave the technical details to me.

I don’t rush through your material to meet a deadline. I have countless hours and years of experience correcting and grading papers with a fast turnaround.  During the semester finals it was quite common to correct and grade hundreds of papers within a few days notice- sometimes even less!

I take the necessary time to examine all the components that you want edited and proofread.

I will provide an estimated turnaround time that I will need to proofread your material. We work as quickly and efficiently as possible, without sacrificing quality, and get the job done right the first time.

You want to save money

Clients will not take you seriously if your writing has grammatical errors and typos in it.  Losing clients means losing revenue!

Measure twice, cut once:  I have seen clients waste hundreds of thousands of dollars because their printed literature was not checked before it was sent to the printshops.  You may have to pay extra money to reprint a flyer or pamphlet if there are errors on it.

A job recruiter throws your resume in the trash because your cover letter had errors in it. If you couldn’t take the time to check your work,  it reflects the level of work you will perform on the job!

Application fees for universities are easily $50 or more.  College Admissions Offices will throw your application in the trash if your essays and personal statements contain typographical errors.

I can edit and proofread the following types of works:

  • Advertisements
  • Books
  • College Papers
  • Cover Letters
  • Dissertations
  • Essays
  • Manuscripts
  • Resumes
  • Research Papers
  • Websites
  • and more!

Retainer services

You can have me on contract and have me on call to edit any work as needed.

Questions? Comments?

E-mail me at info@eleganteditor.com to get started today!