About Me


You’re probably here because you are looking for help with proofreading, editing, or help with the English language.  In this day and age, small mistakes can be the downfall of your professional career.  Simple grammatical errors will set you apart from your competition – in a detrimental way!

I provide comprehensive proofreading and editing, which cover all aspects of grammar and readability.

I am an alumnus of the University of California – Irvine, where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in English and Master’s Degree in Education.   I have taught English at the high school level to other individual students and young professionals.  I have edited numerous papers, from reviewing books awaiting to be published, screenplays, college personal statements, to research papers.  My strengths include being meticulous and detailed with my corrections, and also being able to review papers with lightning speed.  I am quick to assess areas you can improve upon, and am thoughtful with my comments.

More recently, I have attained my MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business.  I enjoy helping others with their personal statements when it comes to applying for college, because I get to learn more about people and how they will use their past experiences to further enhance their academic and professional pursuits.

I am currently living in Manhattan, New York City-center of the fashion and publishing world.  I can provide on-site help as well as offline help.  How many of those online editing services can say that?

I also tutor students on universitytutor.com.  You can find my profile here http://newyork.universitytutor.com/tutors/62519

E-mail me at info@eleganteditor.com to get started today!