I help students from all walks of life with various aspects of the English Language.  With my experience and background, I can assist anyone with both educational and professional writing.

Professional writing

English writing skills are more important than ever.    Think of how you make contact with people these days.   The majority of formal contact is performed through written communication.

To be successful in business, you must be able to communicate your ideas clearly:

  • The first step to securing funding from investors is with a well written business plan, which can include PowerPoint Slides or PDFs.
  • Legal communication is performed through written correspondence to provide a paper trail.
  • When you apply for a job, you must submit a cover letter.
  • Virtually all communication at work is performed through E-mail.
  • Technical ideas need to present themselves in a logical manner in order to sell.

Educational writing

I have tutored students with various backgrounds and experiences.  They range from K-12, college, and graduate students.  I have even helped foreign ESL students improve their writing.  To do well on the SAT, GRE, TOEFL, or even AP English exams you must have solid writing skills.

I can help you improve your writing skills with time tested drills and exercises.

I can improve various aspects of your writing by:

  • Identifying your simple spelling and grammatical errors and making sure you learn from them.
  • Performing an in-depth analysis of the arguments you present.
  • Assessing your areas of strengths and weaknesses to give you tips on how to develop your analyses, reports,  and more!
    Questioning any lack of detail to enhance your work.